Welcome to Briarcliff Health Center | A Tradition of Caring

Briarcliff Health Center welcomes you!

Our parents, grandparents and their friends taught us the value of long-term commitment. They have shown us what we want when we are their age - a lifetime of memories and friendships that have endured all the years and have remained steadfast.

Some things are worth waiting for in life and worry isn't one of them. Worry plagues us and robs us of our joy far too often, but if we truly admit it - worrying today rarely takes away any of tomorrow's heartache.

Seniors do worry about being alone and unable to care for themselves. A wonderful, caring environment like that found at Briarcliff Health Center, helps alleviate much of that worry. Our goal is to improve the quality of each senior's daily life by providing a home in which they will be safe, warm, well taken care of, and live in a social environment.

Briarcliff is committed to recognizing each individuals unique needs, in a respectful, dignified and nurturing manner.

We do this by:

  • providing each resident a dignified lifestyle
  • fostering each resident's independence and personal freedom
  • assisting each resident with their daily acitivites
  • protecting each resident's right to privacy
  • allowing each resident the choice of care and lifestyle
  • providing a safe, residential environment
  • nurturing the spirit of each individual
  • being a valuable community asset

Briarcliff Health Center provides a broad spectrum of services including:

  • skilled nursing services
  • multi rehabilitation program
  • seasoned memory program
  • general and restorative nursing services

Briarcliff Health Center is Medicaid and Medicare certified and accepts most major medical insurances.

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